Believe it or not, but we do care about your privacy! Seriously! If you do not want to waste your time reading all this legal gibberish below, take our word for it:

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This Privacy Statement is designed to inform you of the types of information we collect from our customers and visitors, how we may use that information, the conditions under which we are obliged to share it with third parties (law enforcement agencies etc.) and steps we take to protect it.

Privacy Statement

We do not require you to provide, nor do we collect, any personal information if you are only browsing the Site. In order to provide you with some Services you requested (weekly updates, newsletter etc.), Where M I may require that you first provide certain personal information, which we determine is reasonably necessary in order for us to fulfil your request. If you indicate an interest in participating in a Service, we will identify what specific personal information you must provide prior to collecting such information. You can choose not to provide certain information, but then you might not be able to utilize certain Services, incentives, or take advantage of certain features of our Site.

In certain instances, Where M I may request that you provide secondary information (e.g., demographic information), which we may use to, for example, learn more about our customers and to develop and improve our services. Any requests for secondary information will be marked "optional" (or its equivalent). We may compile your personal information with that collected from other customers and visitors to create aggregate data. We may produce research reports for participating merchants and other customers, as well as media and other interested parties. Such information and data is based upon aggregated, anonymous information about individual, as well as corporate customers, and does not include personally identifiable information about these customers.

Personal Information

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Where M I. You are free to fully use Where M I anonymously. If you wish to contact us or submit feedback, you are welcome to remain anonymous or disclose your personal information. We aim to protect the quality and honesty of any personal/ identifiable information you do provide us. Our feedback application form will automatically capture your IP address and browser version information. This information will assist us in fixing problems we might have in the future and to serve you better. The same information is automatically recorded in our server log files as pages, images, etc. are requested, as part of a standard web-server setup.

Our servers collect users' information regarding what pages are visited, the date and time of the visits, how long it took a user to download a page/image, and the TCP/IP address of the user. These automated servers' functions are not intended to collect information in order to identify your personal information, nor do we use this information for any such purpose. This information is collected to assist us in maintaining a high quality site, as well as providing necessary traffic information to our advertisers. These automated server functions do not collect any personal information such as name, address, phone number, birthdate, etc.

Cookies/ Automatically Gathered Information

This site uses cookies to obtain certain types of non-personal information when your Web browser accesses Where M I and participating third parties. The main purpose of these cookies is to speed up your access to Where M I and make it easier for you to access it. Third-party advertising companies in conjunction with Wher M I can separately place or recognize a cookie file on your browser in the course of delivering advertisements to the Site. These companies may use non-personal information collected by the cookies about your visits to the Site and other web sites in order to provide you with advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All copyrighted material on the Site: graphics, editorial edits, images and any other related copyright materials are protected by copyright law, and are owned by Revel Mob LLP. Reproduction of the Site, in whole or in part, or in any form or medium, without the prior express written permission of Where M I and Revel Mob LLP is prohibited. Any online re-use of the Site's copyright materials is strictly prohibited. The materials from the Site are only available for personal and non-commercial use, provided that: the materials are not modified in any way; all copyright and other proprietary notices and markings are retained and reproduced in their entirety on any copy made from any material on the Site; and Where M I has, in its sole discretion, given its prior written approval to such use of the Site's materials, unless otherwise stated. Any requests to re-use the Site's materials should be sent to:

Where M I and Where M I logo are registered trademarks of Revel Mob LLP. Any other product names, marks, symbols, trade names, company names and/or logos which appear within the Site are the property of their respective owners and appear through the courtesy of, and/or a licence from such owners. Abovementioned trademarks are protected by laws of their respective countries including laws on trademark and unfair competition, and may also be protected by the laws in other countries.

Any unauthorized use of the Site's materials and contents, the Where M I trademarks, and/or the marks belonging to any other party that appear on the Site, may violate copyright law, trademark law, and unfair competition laws, among others, in the European Union, as well as may violate the laws in other countries, and may be subject to criminal and civil proceedings.

Business Relationships

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Mailing List

If you express a wish to join our mailing list, we will keep your e-mail address and any demographics information you disclose strictly confidential. We will never distribute or sell your e-mail address or any information about you to any third party.